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Rick Steves tips - Packing Light and Packing Right

Travel expert Rick Steves urges travelers to pack light. Look at his video here for some tips on what you will need and what you won't miss. 

Clothing while in Israel:

Please dress comfortably but modestly. We also ask that you wear long or capri style pants (please keep in mind that local officials at some sites will not allow you to enter with shorts.) There will at times be some modifications to these guidelines: modest shorts will be appropriate when we enter Hezekiah’s tunnel and visit the Dead Sea. Summer tours will be very hot. Winter temperatures vary. 

Traveling Overall: For security precautions we ask that you not wear any visible images associated with the United States or have them on luggage, handbags, or caps.



We will be in some 3 -4 different climate regions. The temperatures in Jerusalem will likely be the coolest of the trip with the Dead Sea area the warmest. These temperatures apply to springtime tours. Summer will be much hotter, winter will be cooler.

 Jerusalem: 66/48

Tel Aviv: 72/54

Dead Sea: 78/61

Tiberias : 72/51






Bible, pens, notebook


Comfortable walking shoes with tread - Merrell, Dansko, Keen shoewear is recommended. Sturdy sandals may be worn as long as they allow for rough terrain (Chaco performs well.) Flip-flops are not recommended. Water shoes will be needed if you enter the wet side of Hezekiah's tunnel.


Women: personal products are readily available at the hotels and nearby stores.


Sturdy backpack for daily use; "Fanny packs" are also useful




Washcloths - Most hotels do not provide these, so you may want to bring your own.


Plug adaptors  (you will want several; here is a link to an appropriate adapter.)


Check your cell-phone provider if you plan to use your telephone while in Israel. 


Credit cards are accepted nearly everywhere. You might want to look into a new card with the new chip technology which is reported to be more secure.


It will benefit you to pack as lightly as possible for ease of transport, especially since we will be changing locations so frequently. Three pairs of jeans/pants, five-six shirts, a sweater, sweatshirt, lightweight jacket, undergarments and socks (invest in several pairs that will easily wash and dry overnight), pajamas. Plan on layers that can be added or removed as temperatures change.


Medications from your doctor - ask his or her opinion. Suggested: traveler's diarrhea (prescription Lomotil or over-the-counter Imodium), anti-nausea (presciption Promethazine or over-the-counter Pepto Bismol), sleep aids (there are several different prescription sleep aids...Tylenol PM or Melatonin also work well), and general pain relievers such as Tylenol, Advil, or Aleve.


While credit cards are accepted widely, you will also want some cash (which can be exchanged at the airport or hotel and in numerous places in Jerusalem) for purchase of daily water bottles, your daily lunches (as breakfast and dinner are the only meals provided, but we will be stopping for lunch,) snacks and other small needs.

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