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You will need a valid passport. Passports must be valid for 6 months PAST return travel date. You can begin the passport application process here. 
Eligible Participants

Bible Land Passage Tours believes that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God and our teaching and devotions reflect our conviction that the Word of God is all sufficient for instruction in righteousness. As we are followers of Christ and of His message of redemption, it is our mission to reach lost souls through His word and present the many evidences (archaeological/historical) for the verity of the Christian faith that we will encounter on our trip to Israel. Furthermore it is vitally important that Bible Land Passage tours maintain an environment of learning, unity, peace and respect for our environment while we travel together.  Thus, though we welcome with open arms any Christian who wants to join us on this amazing journey, we do reserve the right to refuse application, request a background check, or letter of reference to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our group. In addition, consider the following rules for eligibility:

1. Be 12 years of age or older.

2. Those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult family member, legal guardian, or have special permission from the Tour Directors to attend. For a minor under the age of 18, to travel outside of the United States without either both parents or legal guardians, a notarized affidavit must be obtained and presented to airport or governmental officials upon departure and return to the US.

3. Must have a valid passport not expiring within six months of departure date. You can begin the passport application process here. 

4. Must agree to the terms and conditions as outlined on the registration documents.

5. Must agree to abide by the principles of conduct as outlined in the New Testament.

6. Meet the health and physical disabilities criteria outlined below:   
Travelers must be medically and physically fit for this tour. This tour requires significant walking, as motor coaches are not permitted to pick up and drop off in front of major attractions. The tour is not wheelchair-accessible in most places. Any special medical conditions or equipment must be advised in writing for evaluation of feasibility at the time of making your reservation. Currently (as of 2016,) no vaccinations or immunizations are required to travel into Israel or Jordan. Consult your local health department and personal physician for any helpful medications (for sleep aid or common illnesses that may be encountered while traveling.)

The cost is dependent upon the tour - please see the individual tour page.
Domestic Travel Arrangements:
Each participant will be responsible for making his or her own flight / travel arrangements to and from the point of embarkation. If you need assistance, we are happy to recommend Lindy Lazarow with Blue & White Travel. Her e-mail address is 

Note: different due dates will be applied to different tours.

A nonrefundable deposit of $300 per person is required upon registration.
In the event that the tour does not materialize for any reason, deposits will be refunded.
A second payment will be due four months before departure. Remainder of payment is due 2 months prior to departure.


Participants From Outside the United States:
Travelers whose origination point is from outside the United States will need to contact John Moore for applicable details and costs, and the payment plan.

The consumption or purchase of alcoholic beverages will not be allowed.

In an effort to ensure companionable group membership, Bible Land Passage Tours reserves
the right to accept, reject, or expel any person whose conduct is deemed incompatible with the general
well-being of the group as a whole.

Health and Physical Disabilities:
The passenger warrants that he or she is physically and otherwise fit to endure the physical demands of the entire tour.  Bible Land Passage Tours reserves the right to refuse passage to anyone with a physical or mental condition (in the opinion of Bible Land Passage Tours) that renders him or her incapable of participating in this tour or who (in the opinion of Bible Land Passage Tours) requires care beyond that which Bible Land Passage Tours can provide.

Travel Insurance:
Travel Insurance (Trip and Health) is not included, but is strongly recommended. This will be the responsibility of each traveler to obtain.

Luggage Restrictions and Packing:
PLEASE PACK LIGHT (you will be so glad you did) See for packing tips and for some ideas about packing light.)

For ease of travel and to expedite moving from place to place with land transportation, we need to limit
our packing to one small (preferably) size suitcase per person, and to one small carry-on and/or backpack (or if you are a Rick Steves fan, then limit all your luggage to just one carry-on and backpack).

Baggage handling for one standard size suitcase per person is included in the price. Due to limited motor
coach capacity, this bag should have dimensions not exceeding 62 linear inches (length + width + height;
including wheels and handles) and weight not exceeding 50 lbs. Carry-on bags are the responsibility of
the passengers. One carry-on and one personal item are allowed. Dimensions for carry-on bags are not
to exceed 9” X 14” X 22” inches. A single checked bag fee (meeting airline specifications) from Newark
to Tel Aviv only is included in the price of the trip. All other cost incurred for baggage on domestic
flights are the responsibility of the passengers and to be paid by passenger directly to the airline at the
time of check-in. Baggage Insurance is recommended. Passage Tours is not responsible for loss or
damage to passenger’s baggage or other belongings.

Clothing while in Israel
Please dress comfortably but modestly. We also ask that you wear long or capri style pants (please keep in mind that local officials at some sites will not allow you to enter with shorts.) There will at times be some modifications to these guidelines: modest shorts will be appropriate when we enter Hezekiah’s tunnel and visit the Dead Sea.

Traveling Overall:

For security precautions we ask that you not wear any visible images associated with
the United States or have them on luggage, handbags, or caps.
Health Insurance
Health insurance is not included in the package and is highly recommended for any eventuality of illness, accidents, etc. 

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