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For those wishing to enhance the educational experience of their tour, Bible Land Passage Tours offers a continuing education course as a part of the Academy of Christian Studies program (ACS). Directed by John Moore, ACS offers a non-accredited but formal course in Bible land studies called "The Land and the Book: Studies in the Land of Israel– Bible 417". Designed to enhance sermon and classroom instruction for preachers and teachers of the Bible, this extremely helpful and practical course will focus on understanding the geography, history, and archaeology of the Bible Lands and its geopolitical and cultural backgrounds and settings from both the ancient and modern eras. Students will be required to learn about the geography of Israel (which includes the elements of climate, topography, geology, hydrology, archaeology, and horticulture) and the major theological themes associated

with the geography and settings of the Bible story. Understanding the content of these elements and themes, and being able to participate in an actual field study, will better equip teachers and preachers for sermon and lesson development as they seek to explain and defend the biblical text.  A Bible Land studies course will bring color, clarity, and a deeper understanding to many customs, words, and practices of the peoples and settings of the Bible story and its historical and geographical context. Students completing this course will never look at the Bible in the same way again. Their understanding and knowledge of the biblical text will grow at an exponential rate.  The information and experiences gained from the course will put enrollees in a better position to fully exegete the biblical text, share the word, defend the faith, and evangelize the lost. This course will also allow students to grow on a personal level, both educationally and spiritually. A trip to the land of the Bible is unique, exciting, and helpful, but to walk and study in the land where Jesus walked is both enlightening and transformative.

While there are no tuition costs, students will be required to purchase a set of class materials which will include maps, workbook, and textbook, all of which will be available at a minimal cost. Limited reading and map assignments will be made prior to departure, attendance and note taking at the academic lecture series while in Israel will be required, and a final personal impression paper must be written upon our return. Those who complete all the course requirements will be issued a certificate of completion by the Academy of Christian Studies.

For course syllabus, additional information, and/or to enroll please contact Bible Land Passages at or by calling 512-695-5099.

Course syllabus for "The Land and the Book: Studies in the Land of Israel - Bible 417" can be downloaded here.

Academy of Christian Studies Catalog can be downloaded here.

The Regional Study Guide can be downloaded here.
Studies Program Fund Raising:

For many preachers and students, the cost to participate in a Bible Land Tour Program may not be within their budget. Please note, however, that many congregations and elderships are willing to compensate preachers and students to participate or enroll in a continuing education class. Bible Land Passage Tours offer such a program in connection with the Academy of Christian Studies. 

Bible Land Passage Tours suggests that you present your congregation with the proposal that you would like to do a better job of defending the faith and encouraging the believer by obtaining a better knowledge of the Bible and its historical, cultural, and geographical context. Explain to them that one of the ways that you could improve upon your skills and knowledge would be to enroll in the Academy of Christian Studies course, "The Land and the Book: Studies in the Land of Israel– Bible 417".

For success in raising scholarship and support money for this educational experience, we suggest that you do the following:

1. Develop a cover letter explaining your desire to further your knowledge about the Bible Lands and history so as to enhance your preaching and teaching presentations, and to acquire further knowledge for the defense of the faith, and as aid to the believer.
2. Print and share this information regarding the Studies Program verbiage and course requirements from the Passages website.
3. Print and share a copy of the Studies program Itinerary  (which is the same for the entire tour group.)
4. Make personal contact with potential donors and give them a tour of following two websites:
      a. The  Bible Land Passages: Studies, Tours, and Expeditions website at
      b. The  Bible Land Passages website at; a separate educational and edifying website featuring videos, photographs, and other resources.
5. Discuss the cost of this educational experience and your prayerful desire that they might include you in their 2016 budget plans, or perhaps make a one-time contribution toward your continuing education needs. 

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