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Under the direction of project leader and narrator John Moore, and in cooperation with World Video Bible School, the Bible Lands Project was created in defense of the faith, as an aid to the believer, as a tool for evangelism, and for a repository of resources. Team members included narrators and authors Dr. Richard Brumback (Historian), Dr. Dewayne Bryant (Archaeologist), Gary Massey (Attorney), and Dr. Jonathan Moore (Physician). The on-site project team also included photographers and crew members Mat Cain (Videographer and Editor), Doug Garner (Photographer and Videographer), Carla Moore (Proofing and Editing, Blogging), Micah Moore (Crew Member) and Philip Brumback (Crew Member). Also included among the project team is Rudy Cain (Director of World Video Bible School) and Branyon May (Assistant Manager of World Video Bible School.)


Jerusalem: An Unforgettable City is the first video in the series and was released on August 4, 2015. The Ministry of Jesus in Northern Israel, narrated by Rick Brumback, is the second in the series and was released on September 4, 2015. Dan: City of Unfaithfulness, narrated by Gary Massey, is third in the series.  Jonathan Moore narrated In the Shadow of Gilboa: Sowing and Reaping, fourth in the series.  The next is Treasures of Qumran: The Dead Sea Scrolls, was narrated by Dewayne Bryant. Passage Six is Judah: David's Training Ground of Faith, narrated by John Moore. The seventh Passage video is The Southern Steps: Coming into the Presence of the Lord, and is narrated by Rick Brumback. The most recent Passage video is Masada: Fortress of Misplaced Faith, narrated by Gary Massey. Additional videos as they become available will be available for viewing free of charge here on the Bible Land Passages page.  

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